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Certified Photo Editor of This Generation

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Launched in 2013, GIMP Photo Editor has started to rule the lives of people engaged on social media of any sorts. Everyone is after good still images. In cases where there are photos taken that needs a little fixing, this is when a photo editor becomes necessary. Since the first time the social public have seen the uses of this photo editor, it has become a very powerful tool. This is an easy to use and user-friendly photo editor of this generation as you can have access to tools which before only expert photographer can do. As long as you have internet connection, your photo editing projects are all easy breezy. This is why you can say this is the certified photo editor of today.

Certified Photo Editor of This Generation

Certified Photo Editor of This Generation

Photos can be bare. The purpose of photo editors is to improve lonely pictures and enhance lifeless images. Photo collage is also possible for you to take advantage of in case you want to be creative with your photo collections. Here are some of the other GIMP features:

  • Photo Effects

You have hundreds of option to choose from. Your choices are unlimited. You can all have it in an instant.

  • Photo Collage

It might take time to post all pictures on your social media wall altogether. This is when you will need a photo collage. Save it all up and you will only have 1 photo.

  • Mobile Apps

This can be downloaded in your mobile gadget as this can is available as mobile app. This feature is pretty flexible.

  • Quick Touch-ups

You have the option to just have a few quick fixes. Simply touch up as if you are putting some make up on.

Now, you have numbers of effects to choose from, numerous of size options to suit your taste, a lot of colors to pick up on, and all the time to use it as it comes free and open for the public. This free software is open for everyone to use.

GIMP Photo Editor

Using GIMP for a photo editor when you need to do some image processing means you have the right tools to crop, drag and drop, professional effects, clean enhancements, and easy editing flow. This photo editor aims to provide only the highest in quality photo edits anytime the need arise. The most useful tool every social media person should have is this photo development and good results exposure will be maximized. An image can be dull without special themes that can be relevant to a topic, weather, an occasion, a post, or an instant update. So if you have GIMP, you have all these advantages at your fingertips. So, it’s time for you to download this tool unless you want to miss all these good things.

The Most Reliable Photo Editor

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Photo editing software is now all over the internet for users to take advantage of. The advent of social media also opened up a gateway for online photo applications. Effects are what photo editors most known for. You can easily choose effects or background that will work well with your picture. Also, you can easily customize your photos according to how you want it to look like. When you have a photo editor, you are in control of your photographs and you have power on what you want to do with it. Most photo editors don’t require you to spend too much time as you fix your photos. For instance, you can simply edit photos in a few minutes.

The Most Reliable Photo Editor

The Most Reliable Photo Editor

GIMP photo editor stands for the GNU Image Manipulation which literally means editing or manipulating images in order to enhance and improve the quality of a photo taken. Regardless of how old or how poor an image is, GIMP can manage to work it out. Below are just some of great features GIMP editor has:

  • Fast operation.

When you have photo editor software, it is no longer necessary to wait for hours to have your photos fixed. A few minutes will do and pretty soon, you are all ready to show off your edited photo masterpiece.

  • Good Output.

The results are always highly satisfactory. The end product is always flattering and it always passes the critical taste of every user. Feedback and reviews of GIMP users have been concrete proofs that it has been doing its job as a great photo editor.

  • Free of Charge.

There is no monetary requirement necessary for you to use any of the templates and almost everything in GIMP. Once you have downloaded the app, it’s all for you to use whenever you want to and nobody will stop you.

  • Quality Edits.

Your purpose for having a photo editor installed is for you to be able to improve the photos or images you possessed. GIMP can ultimately give you edited end result with high-quality notes. This is why this is the most high-end photo editor option, so far.

  • Freedom to Customize.

You have all the free to make changes on whatever photo or images you wish amended. In fact, others make it a business to edit photos and it has eventually become a good source of income. This freedom made it the first choice in photo editing.

Photo Editor is one great app installed in PCs or mobiles as the world is in a phenomenon where everyone wants to capture moment, faces, and just anything to save memories of what is going on for today. Digital cameras can produce good photos but it can all the more be enhanced by GIMP as it is the most reliable photo editor of today.

Tips and Tricks in Photo Editing

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Online photo editing has sprouted almost at the same time with the social media and virtual self patronage. Creative computer programmers have designed software which enables one to be creative with an originally taken photo. It can be an image of a person, a place, or, an event. Photo editor is easy and fun application to have in anybody’s computer or mobile phone.

This enables the user to enhance unnecessary photo areas, improved or mask unwanted photo details, or create another improvised image out of the authentic one. Photo editing tool is made with handy additions like filters, images, texts, and effects for free.


Tips and Tricks in Photo Editing

Tips and Tricks in Photo Editing




Tips And Tricks In Photo Editing


Beginners and experts alike would require handy tips to live by in case they are still into enhancing images and making a few or more changes in images. This is usually done online with the aid of a quality photo editor. Below are some helpful tips:


  • Start the download and the rest of your photo editing concerns follow.

Before you deal with tones and colors, it is best you download the photo editor program and the rest will just fall into place. Failure to download such software will disable the chance of you making good output by editing images, or you will miss the extreme fun one is taking advantage while using a photo editor.


  • Utilize the crop tool available in every photo editor.

This is very helpful in any photo editing job and this is usually conspicuous for every user as this is highly necessary in order to complete the beautification task required while finishing or being creative with any image. Taking advantage of this key enables the user to cut unwanted details of a photo plus it zooms in an image when cropped.


  • Have extra patience in order to appreciate the beauty of your edited work.

This is the most important, among others, as without this, no photo editing will happen. You should have loads of this as there will be a lot of things that needs to be done and undone until such time the look you are after is reached. Getting a perfect image is not impossible. That is anyway, in the eye of the beholder.

Photos capture special moments and relive great sceneries. However, it is inevitable that distracting or not-so-pretty areas tend to ruin the rest of the beautiful image. This is when a photo editor will be a big help – to enhance and maximize the beauty of an image. This is that and up to perfection.

Photo collage, image filters, picture frames and various enhancements necessary for a photo to become beautiful, are all made available online. An image software is designed to make some changes like removing blemishes, changing hair color, enhancing eye color, or adding a few muscles somewhere just to make a photo extremely good if not extra fair to look at. In terms of fun, funny graphics are up for grabs among those who love spending time being creative with photos.


Most Downloaded Free Photo Editor

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A free photo editor application is what anyone engaged in social media needs. It produces picture perfect graphics you can customize and share. GIMP is a free photo editor which allows you to be creative as you edit and paint your own pictures dependent on the way you want it to look like. All this can be done at the comfort of your own seat in front of your PC.

GIMP is an interactive program which is pretty powerful when it comes to photo editing and this leads the freeware innovation of graphical customization. This helps you to be as efficient in photo editing as you can, considering photo management and the likes.

Most Downloaded Free Photo Editor

Most Downloaded Free Photo Editor



Most Downloaded Free Photo Editor


This is absolutely a perfect tool for anybody who wants his or her images look excellent each time, all the time. It provides user advanced functions and good quality output because any fixes you need to do can be systematically acquired. A few touches and you’re good to go. This is the most downloaded free photo editor so far, due to the below great features:

  • This is an open source freeware.

The general online public can have this downloaded without any risk of fear as this is fully licensed under GNU Image Manipulation Program.

  • It has easy photo editing interface.

You can easily follow the swift sequence the system asks you to as it is well-written to suit the basic knowledge of photo editing.

  • This can be downloaded for free.

This is absolutely available without any monetary obligation at all. From the moment you download it until such time you are a part of your life, it is still free.

  • This works very well for Windows or MAC.

This free photo editor is designed to work for any computer formats like Windows or MAC. This uses interactive software at your preference of use.

The instructions attached to every photo editing project are very simple and can be followed without rocket science necessary. The step by step process makes all the editing job smooth and without any hassle at all.


Free GIMP Photo Editor

Among others, GIMP is always the initial choice when it comes to photo editing software option. One proof is this is the most downloaded to date, when compared to all other free photo editor around. This is due to the good features which are the main considerations when choosing a photo editor to download.


How to Make Money By Editing Photos

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You love taking photos of different subjects and you realized that Adobe Photoshop is your soulmate. That’s good news. While photography is your passion and you have mastered image editing software programs, don’t you think it’s more worthwhile if you make money out of it? No one is judging you here but there’s nothing wrong with earning and doing something you love, right?


How to Make Money By Editing Photos



How To Make Money By Editing Photos


Consider photo restoration to earn extra money

Did you know that digital picture editing and restoration is among the most sought after niche these days? A lot of people are into restoring old and mostly damaged photographs that are stored in photo albums and hoping to preserve it. At the same time, historical societies and museums are in need of photo editors who have expertise in restoration. This can be a good venue for you to earn money.

Sell it on stock photo agencies

If you really want to know how to make money by editing photos, then selling on photo agencies can be a good idea. This can be a good way for you to earn a decent income simply by incorporating your magic on the pictures. As soon as you created an account, review the photo agency’s policies and requirements before uploading any pictures. Once accepted, your photos are now ready for sale. However, it’s going to take some time so be patient.

Do freelance work

Companies will always have a need for freelancers. This can be a good opportunity for you to look for employers that are interested in looking for photo editors. Sites such as oDesk or iFreelance have job openings intended for photo editors so apply on those job positions and don’t forget to include samples of your work.

Don’t be afraid to promote and advertise

Social media and online advertising can be an inexpensive way for you to reach out to potential clients and tell people what you can do. Also, ask the help of your friends and family since they may refer you to someone who is in need of a photo editor.

Create your own “how to” or tutorial site.

If your photo editing skills are exceptional, then share your knowledge and techniques to those who might need them. Put up your site, offer tutorials or write about how to restore a photo, for instance, and provide a step-by-step illustration on how photo editing is done. Keep in mind that the Internet is a good source of income and the possibilities are endless, so, take advantage of that.

More importantly and except for photo restoration, make sure you own the photo before selling. The last thing you need is a complaint filed against you for copyright infringement.


Features You’ve Been Wanting from GIMP

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In terms of features and accomplishments, GIMP is the perfect software that can unveil it all to you. It is governed with the premium public licenses, which allows everyone to win their all copy totally no cash involve. Being distributed as free software, GIMP can do a lot of magic with everybody’s electronic artwork. It is important that right from the start, users don’t have any difficulty of coping for the required amount, before even the downloading process starts.

All these exceptional benefits of the software will never be experienced by many due to the burden of fees that may bestow from them in the first place. Fortunately, GIMP is generous even extravagant enough to cover all the significant features and elements of modern manipulation tool. It has even extended its range of expertise to cope all the needs as well as the demands of contemporary users to have extraordinary software that can manipulate their favorite graphics into blemish-free finish.  If you can no longer stop your excitement to indulge with the expertise of GIMP, it’s time you take your share now. Own your free GIMP Program download right away.

  1. Gimp is equipped with complete tools.

Gimp never worries for the quality of output that it can offer to users. It has well-sheered tools and applications ideal to start a new work or enhance the downloaded images. From colors, paths, layers, masks, image editing and file format supports, you are assured that GIMP has it all and even more. Inside all these general categories, you can count on the completeness of elements that are included on it.

For instance, if you click on colors, you are laid down with all kinds of colors, shades and hues that you could ever imagine to apply on your work. Image manipulation and editing was never easy as with GIMP. It provides you with great array of tools which can help you achieve well- blended pixels and transform your work into new level of perfection. When you’re done with your work, the most important part is to save it on appropriate file format of which GIMP supported most of them. It holds great number of import and export formats to ensure that you can access all your works no matter what type of platforms you’re using.

  1. Gimp is comfortable image editor.

The best way to enjoy the output of your work is to do it with comfort. It is a must that all the menu and application of your image manipulation software is highly obtainable and can be master in no time. You’ll save plenty of time, effort and system resources if you know how to properly use the software. You don’t have to search anymore each time you need something from your tools because everything is made available to you easily. It can either allow you to handle the commands with clicks, drag and drop or through cut, copy and paste. If you can think of more ways to enjoy this raster graphic editor, you’ll surely achieve it when you download free GIMP now.


GIMP vs. PhoXo

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There are dozens of free photo editor programs but only few are considered as worth trying. Many professionals or those that can afford prefer to use paid programs such as Photoshop to edit images or photos and achieve flawless result. Lighting problems and red-eye issues can easily be fixed with the use of photo-editor programs, but what if you are given a chance to download a free program that functions much like the paid ones? Will you download it? GIMP is one of the most used free photo editor programs right now, next is the However, there’s another program that is for free and is gaining attention for the last 10 years, this is the PhoXo. Now, let’s take a closer look on PhoXo and GIMP.

PhoXo download is recommended by its loyal users because most of them claimed it is a compact software that is for free and works fast and easy. In fact, many considered this software as a tiny Photoshop because of its resemblance to Photoshop in terms of its functions and features. PhoXo download can give you functionalities not usually seen on free software’s like the use of layers, unlimited undo option, special effects as much as 50 effects, tools that are very useful and quite powerful, the ability to crop, paint, retouch, navigate easily and measure images. If you need to use texts, PhoXo can do it for you. It can even provide you with shadowy texts, gradient color, ripple and a lot of text effects out there. Downloading PhoXo won’t take too much space, just make sure you have at least 4MB space on your drive and you’re all set.

What about GIMP? This software is great too! It comes with enough tools and features to help users edit photos or images having issues with colors, brightness, blurriness and sharpness of the images. GIMP download provides user with enough painting tools and just like PhoXo, this too has layer feature. However, you need to bear in mind that the use of GIMP may take you a while to master it. The good thing though is that it comes with good online support and tons of community groups and forums you can turn to if you need any help on how to carry out a certain task. Now, GIMP against PhoXo is a close comparison but overall and feature wise, we say GIMP is still the top pick amongst the free photo editor programs out there.

GIMP may take a while to learn and master but it doesn’t mean it is not user friendly. The real score is that GIMP is very user friendly with its interface that is simple and neat. It will only take you time to master it because it offers user a lot of features, tools, and controls on how to improve an image or photo. If you think about it, it simply means this software will fill your need in terms of photo editing. So why pay for expensive photo editor software’s when GIMP download is readily available at any given time.

Top 3 Free Photo Editor Programs

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Taking pictures using your mobile is truly convenient; it becomes even better due to available mobile applications where you can edit your images or photos in as easy as steps one, two and three. Although mobile image editor apps are convenient and practical, it is undeniable that you will still have issues with the lighting effects, the common problem with the red-eye, the balance of white on the image and more photo issues that are not commonly encountered with the use of paid photo editor programs. Although professionals are using paid programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture 3, Corel Paintshop Pro X5 and more paid programs, other professionals especially the rising ones prefer to use free photo editor programs. Unknown to some, there are a lot of free photo editor programs and the top 3 are the GIMP, the and the Pixlr Editor.

GIMP is the top most pick free program by professionals and those who simply love photo editing. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program; it’s for free yet is filled with wonderful features which are also found on paid programs. GIMP’s user interface can be customized; this means user can enjoy it even better as it allows the change of colors, spacing’s of the widgets, the sizes of its icons and more. It features the use of docks wherein it can be stacked into number of tabs. With the use of GIMP, users can enhance their images by making use of its corrective mode. It allows digital retouching to give images a professional and better look as compared to its original shot. GIMP download is perfect for everyone for it is cross platform; it works well on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD and even Sun OpenSolaris.

Next popular photo editor program is the What’s good about this program is it’s also free and openware. Users can use this to crop images, resize it if needed, rotate it, do some color adjustments and even create beautiful collages. Just like GIMP, can also support different commonly used image formats such as the PNG, GIF, JPEG and of course the TIFF. If paid programs come with layers and history features, download also supports this. This program was officially released in May 6 of 2004 and since then has made lots of photo enthusiasts go crazy due to its efficient functions, friendly user interface and some advanced features. In addition, there are provided plugins for this program making it even better and even advanced. Now photo adjustments can be done easily. In fact, reviewers of this program claimed that this is even better as compared to Microsoft Paint program.

Pixlr also made it to the top 3 free photo editor programs. This program is said to be built in Flash therefore the need to download the Flash plugin is a must, the good thing though is that most computers nowadays come with a built-in Flash program, so you may not need to download the plugin. This comes for free yet it features Pixlr express and Pixlr-o-matic applications. So if you want to improve your images or photos for free, download all three free photo editor programs now.

GIMP: The Image Expert

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Today, image transformation can be done quickly and easily because of GIMP. GIMP is a complete image manipulation software that can help you achieve your desired output. It lets you to invent and create products that can wholly satisfy your wants for a blemish –free result. This photo editor program is a practical tool, which can match the modern and advance needs of every user. It is easy-to-use which is ideal for the beginners who wanted to have fast and efficient grasp of the software. Also, it has well planned elements and guides that can be toggle, click, manipulate by all types of users, particularly those who are novice with the program.

Likewise, it has properly labelled menus and applications that are ideal for fast access and execution. Holding GNU Image Manipulation Program on your computer is a huge advantage, which can help you a lot to remodel or produce images and pictures like the work of a professional image editor. This software has limited file size, yet it is dense with useful qualities and components, which are all you necessitate to have no ordinary output but the work of a skilful user. You need not to go somewhere else to start learning every inch of photo and image manipulation because you can have it now for free, just download GIMP the image expert.

GIMP is the best innovation in the world of image handling. It offers you all the features with the assurance that you can hold it on your own. This program allows you to discover the best techniques in photo enhancing. It is very dynamic software that enables you to have fun experience as you manipulate every layer of the software. There are also wide varieties of choices on how you could advance your style to a perfect image editing process. It ensures that you can uncover every characteristic of the software in a way that you are highly comfortable with. It is filled with powerful technology that is configurable and intuitive. It doesn’t set any limitations or boundaries for you to improve further and eventually be and image expert.

Moreover, it keeps on updating to let you enjoy the newest advances in the world of photo and image conversion.  Let your imagination be your guide to create the most realistic and lively picture on your own, download free GIMP the image expert. GIMP is a specialized program in image transformation and refinement. It is designed with complete principles, methods and applications in order to make you the most uniform and consistent options, no matter how often you use it. You can immediately preserve the tone and vividness of your classic photos or add exciting backgrounds to your latest shots, just like in your nearby photo stores. Use your free GIMP the image expert download to achieve it.

GIMP: The One Stop Image Manipulator Software

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Today, you no longer need to download bunch and bulky paint programs on your system. There’s already a software that can make you an expert even if it comes in small file size, GIMP. GNU Image Manipulation Program is the grandest innovation when it comes to image handling. Whether you are an expert or first time to explore the program, you’ll surely grab and learn loads of ideas and techniques in photo and image manipulation. This software teaches you short but concise methods to produce the best result you ever wanted for your photos, artworks, designs, logos, graphics and a lot more. This program is free and available, get it instantly download GIMP the one stop image manipulator software.

GIMP is a complete set of components and elements for image improvement. It allows you to perfectly polish your work in a matter of few controls. It has well arranged tools and easy to find buttons which are made available for fast executions of details. This one stop image manipulation software has bunch of excitements that will surely interests you. It has also user-friendly guides and instructions that direct you to achieve the right task. The elements are also properly labeled to ensure that you always choose the appropriate feature for your work. There are so many tasks that you can accomplish with GIMP.

You only have to thinks of brilliant ideas because GNU Image Manipulation Software is always ready to support and provide you with your needs. Download free GIMP the one stop image manipulator software now. This program has all the advance qualities to help you match the latest trends. It has plenty of digital effects and model that you can choose from. Furthermore, you need not to worry if you wanted to change anything from your output because GIMP edit, manipulate, restore, resize, improve, enhance, create, reproduce and support many more tasks that you can imagine. It has also the most stable forks and interfaces that you can rely anytime.

Flawless artwork, perfect output, modern designs, vibrant colors, complete tools, latest formats and endless creativity are just some of the appropriate descriptions for GIMP. This all-in-one program is your complete guide to ensure the accuracy of your craft. It has even new and upgraded versions for more options to satisfy you which you can also take advantage when you obtain your free GIMP the one stop image manipulator software download.