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GIMP vs. PhoXo

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

There are dozens of free photo editor programs but only few are considered as worth trying. Many professionals or those that can afford prefer to use paid programs such as Photoshop to edit images or photos and achieve flawless result. Lighting problems and red-eye issues can easily be fixed with the use of photo-editor programs, but what if you are given a chance to download a free program that functions much like the paid ones? Will you download it? GIMP is one of the most used free photo editor programs right now, next is the However, there’s another program that is for free and is gaining attention for the last 10 years, this is the PhoXo. Now, let’s take a closer look on PhoXo and GIMP.

PhoXo download is recommended by its loyal users because most of them claimed it is a compact software that is for free and works fast and easy. In fact, many considered this software as a tiny Photoshop because of its resemblance to Photoshop in terms of its functions and features. PhoXo download can give you functionalities not usually seen on free software’s like the use of layers, unlimited undo option, special effects as much as 50 effects, tools that are very useful and quite powerful, the ability to crop, paint, retouch, navigate easily and measure images. If you need to use texts, PhoXo can do it for you. It can even provide you with shadowy texts, gradient color, ripple and a lot of text effects out there. Downloading PhoXo won’t take too much space, just make sure you have at least 4MB space on your drive and you’re all set.

What about GIMP? This software is great too! It comes with enough tools and features to help users edit photos or images having issues with colors, brightness, blurriness and sharpness of the images. GIMP download provides user with enough painting tools and just like PhoXo, this too has layer feature. However, you need to bear in mind that the use of GIMP may take you a while to master it. The good thing though is that it comes with good online support and tons of community groups and forums you can turn to if you need any help on how to carry out a certain task. Now, GIMP against PhoXo is a close comparison but overall and feature wise, we say GIMP is still the top pick amongst the free photo editor programs out there.

GIMP may take a while to learn and master but it doesn’t mean it is not user friendly. The real score is that GIMP is very user friendly with its interface that is simple and neat. It will only take you time to master it because it offers user a lot of features, tools, and controls on how to improve an image or photo. If you think about it, it simply means this software will fill your need in terms of photo editing. So why pay for expensive photo editor software’s when GIMP download is readily available at any given time.

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