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Top 3 Free Photo Editor Programs

👤 🕔 July 15, 2014 0

Taking pictures using your mobile is truly convenient; it becomes even better due to available mobile applications where you can edit your images or photos in as easy as steps one, two and three. Although mobile image editor apps are convenient and practical, it is undeniable that you will still have issues with the lighting effects, the common problem with the red-eye, the balance of white on the image and more photo issues that are not commonly encountered with the use of paid photo editor programs. Although professionals are using paid programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture 3, Corel Paintshop Pro X5 and more paid programs, other professionals especially the rising ones prefer to use free photo editor programs. Unknown to some, there are a lot of free photo editor programs and the top 3 are the GIMP, the and the Pixlr Editor.

GIMP is the top most pick free program by professionals and those who simply love photo editing. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program; it’s for free yet is filled with wonderful features which are also found on paid programs. GIMP’s user interface can be customized; this means user can enjoy it even better as it allows the change of colors, spacing’s of the widgets, the sizes of its icons and more. It features the use of docks wherein it can be stacked into number of tabs. With the use of GIMP, users can enhance their images by making use of its corrective mode. It allows digital retouching to give images a professional and better look as compared to its original shot. GIMP download is perfect for everyone for it is cross platform; it works well on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD and even Sun OpenSolaris.

Next popular photo editor program is the What’s good about this program is it’s also free and openware. Users can use this to crop images, resize it if needed, rotate it, do some color adjustments and even create beautiful collages. Just like GIMP, can also support different commonly used image formats such as the PNG, GIF, JPEG and of course the TIFF. If paid programs come with layers and history features, download also supports this. This program was officially released in May 6 of 2004 and since then has made lots of photo enthusiasts go crazy due to its efficient functions, friendly user interface and some advanced features. In addition, there are provided plugins for this program making it even better and even advanced. Now photo adjustments can be done easily. In fact, reviewers of this program claimed that this is even better as compared to Microsoft Paint program.

Pixlr also made it to the top 3 free photo editor programs. This program is said to be built in Flash therefore the need to download the Flash plugin is a must, the good thing though is that most computers nowadays come with a built-in Flash program, so you may not need to download the plugin. This comes for free yet it features Pixlr express and Pixlr-o-matic applications. So if you want to improve your images or photos for free, download all three free photo editor programs now.

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